Question on 12 sec clip uploads

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew this without me having to test - if a Wyze cam triggers on motion and starts recording a 12 second clip but is unplugged half way through, is that 6 seconds still available to view/download? Or does the 12 second clip have to complete fully to upload and be available?

I’m asking because I’m using a few Wyze cams for security - and if a thief accesses the area and sees the Wyze cam immediately, he may be able to unplug during the first 12 second clip.

If partial clips can go through up to the cloud, I am thinking of buying the unlimited cloud service for these cams (because then I’d have whatever activity occurred before the thief unplugged the cam).

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I have not actually tested to be sure, but my understanding of how they work is that the 12-second file is not uploaded until complete. If I am wrong hopefully someone from WYZE will correct me. I will attempt to test later and will update when I do.

If used as security what I would contemplate doing is overlapping the area with 2 cams, one of them will get 12 seconds in before being unplugged.

I haven’t tested either (and not going to at 1 AM, lol), but I’m reasonably sure unlike the CMC clips the 12-second clip has to complete before it is uploaded. Even CMC clips likely lags a bit from live.

Vendors who partner with Wyze aren’t shy about using the “security” moniker, but Wyze typically markets these as “smart” cameras, because there are still issues with perfect security.

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