12 seconds stored on server no longer starts before motion

For some time now (months, at least) I’ve noticed that the 12 seconds of video stored and watchable/downloadable via the App no longer includes just before the motion triggers the “event.” Obviously the buffered video is up there in whatever cloud, but it used to be that the saved 12 seconds began a second or two before the motion happens. Now the gray fox is halfway through the cam scene before the 12 seconds begins.
I’m not using a microSD on purpose, so I sure liked it the other way (stored 12 seconds would include from just before the motion happens).
Anyone else notice this? Was this a purposeful change by Wyze? If so, Wy? (as in “why?”)

What camera are you using? The v1/v2/pan have a different detection system than the WCOs. As much info about your setup is needed to help troubleshoot. Thanks in advance!

Wyze Cam v2, firmware IR lights outside window, so cam’s night vision IR lights off and it looks out the window… But nothing is different than what it was when the 12 seconds would begin very close-to, but before, the movement. THANKS.

What is your sensitivity level set at?

84 motion, sound not on…