Question about sharing?

If you share a camera with another person are they able to edit or alter settings or just see the cam views? thanks, Allan

Click the support link, top right, and look for sharing in the Wyze Cam User’s Guide. Your answer is there.

I know you’re trying to get people to use the forum help Loki, but still thought your reply was rather cheeky.

The person you share with does not get access to the conventional settings (those under the gear icon), but they can still control settings under the “More” menu on the primary live stream screen when it is in portrait mode.

These settings include motion tagging on/off, time lapse, and turning the camera on and off. I suspect Wyze will fix this at some point, but I do not know that.

Sorry. Sometimes I have time to go get the user guide link and post it. Sometimes I don’t. This was a time that I didn’t. But you know the old saying… “teach a man to fish…”.

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Thanks for the reply, and I do realize you guys are kind of under the gun then getting new products to market with a limited workforce.

That said, I appreciate everything you do

Heh. Loki and the rest of us are just fellow users like you. :grin:

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Thanks. As @Newshound indicates, the Moderators and Mavens are not Wyze employees. We are fellow customers like yourself who have volunteered to help out in the community.

That said, sometimes the pull of the “real world” prevents me from doing as much or being as thorough as I’d like. I do apologize if my earlier post came across as impudent.


Not to worry friend, it’s people like you and the others who volunteer to help, that make the ‘Wyze’ experience enjoyable.