Question About Battery Cam Pro Battery and Solar Charging

I’ve had my battery cam pro and solar panel setup working perfectly fine for the past two months. Yesterday the camera suddenly went offline. Once I got home and could get my hands on the camera I discovered the battery was fully drained so I plugged it in to an outlet to charge it up over night. By the morning it had only charged to 7% but since I knew it was going to be a sunny day I re-mounted it and left.
Once I got to work I checked the app, camera was online and suddenly battery showed 100% charged.

Is this typical wonky behavior for this device? If the battery continually shows 100% charged via solar, why did it suddenly drain and go offline yesterday?

Hi mate, welcome to the group. I have been told by wyze that the panel they make is not compatible with the new battery cam pro only the V3 and ODC?