Battery Cam Pro. - Battery shows 0% even if charged

I have a Battery Cam Pro for about two months with a Solar Panel. All was well till a few days ago when it was indicating 0% Battery in the app on my iPhone. I swapped the battery with another battery cam pro in the problem camera and it worked fine. And the battery that gave a 0% now showed 0% in the other BCP. It seems like the battery is defective. What should I do?

Have you tried charging the battery with the ac adapter?

Yes, for hours. The camera appears to be working but indicates 0% Battery in the App and when charging, it never goes from “Charging” to “Full”.

That definitely sounds weird. If you ignore the displayed battery level, does the camera last as long as you would expect it to with that battery, or does it die quickly?

The camera is hooked up to a solar panel and the camera has never shut down, even at night. I moved the battery to another camera and same thing, 0% battery but the camera worked.

Yes, no change

That’s interesting. I suggest deleting the camera from the app and setting it back up. If that doesn’t fix it you may need to get a replacement camera.

I had the same issue with (2) Wyze Cam Pro battery cameras after a network update. I went into my router and restarted / connected the cameras and they started to display the correct battery charge in both cases.

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