Battery charge dropped quickly

My outdoor battery cam lost connection to the base so I brought it inside to re connect. The battery reading was somewhere near 87% but immediately dropped to 0%. Even though I have it plugged up it continues to rea 0%. I have only had it for a few months. Any ideas?

Something simple to try, open the app, go to account>app settings> clear the cache files to 0. Then go back to the home page. Force close your iOS app, open it back up and see if the battery still says 0% when plugged in. If it is still 0% call support- 206-339-9646, open today until 4 PM Pacific time…

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I tried your suggestion. It didn’t really seem to work. It is interesting every time I go back into clear the cache files there is something there. All different sorts of numbers. The camera was beginning to charge a bit before I tried the suggestion. It seems to do best when I unplug and plug it back up.

I’ve never had an issue charging. I charge the cams when they get to 40% which is about 7-8 weeks for three of the cams, and about every 5 weeks for the critter cam which is recording numerous videos every night, all night long. I received a 5V 2 AMP power adapter and cable with each of the 4 cams. It takes 1.5 hours to go from 40% to 100%. I also leave the cams on with detects motion off when charging, many other members say to turn the cam off when charging which I haven’t done in the last 21 months. I have never charged one starting at 0%.

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Make sure to turn off the cams switch when charging it. That seems to help.

It could be that it’s not connected to the base, and just defaults to 0. After it’s charged for a few hours with the switch off, try setting it back up. Don’t delete it from the app though.

The numbers when clearing cache is the amount of data cached. It’s battery, settings, thumbnails, devices, and everything else

When I re-paired it to the base because it was offline is when it went from 87% to 0%. It finally charged so we will see what happens from here.

That is kind of good news. If the cam can’t find the base it will keep looking for the signal until it runs out of power, A weak signal will cause the battery to deplete faster also. What ever you do, Never delete a WCO camera if it shows off line, you will never get it to pair to the base again. There is a warning about that on the WCO support information page. Good luck.

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My batteries are not lasting even 1 week after the last firmware update. We have had the cameras for about 8 months and before now, the charges were lasting about 3 months. Is anyone else having these issues?