Battery at 1% and one at 4% and they Won't Charge

I have two Wyze wireless cameras, model WVODI and neither of them will charge. I have one plugged into the base and one plugged into the charger it came with. What do I need to do to get them to charge?

Thank you

I have never had that issue. Are you going by what the app says? Maybe you can force close the app and open again and see if it states the same. Are you charging with the cams on or off ? I don’t know if it makes a difference but I just leave mine on when I charge them, I just turn off the motion detection. I normally charge them when at 40-45%, takes about 1 .5 hours. I’ve had the cams for 8 months.

Why I do not believe what the app shows. I charged the Front Cam 2 days ago to 95%, it normally went down maybe 1-2% a day while on Cam Plus. This cam is now on scheduled event recording to the cam SD card which allows it to record events as long as there is there is motion and to the time limit I set which is 2 min. For each event, Not on CP. The cam in the last 2 days has recorded over 25 event videos and the % has not moved.

I removed the app and reinstalled and it still shows 1% for one camera and 4% for another. Neither will charge :frowning:

How long have you been using the cams. I would just call support and tell them your issue and ask for new cams. Open today until 4 or 5 pm Pacific time: 1-844-999-3226 . Of course they will ask how old they are and where you purchased them.

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