Query garage door status or rule for garage door status

So I will admit that my wife and I have a problem where we tend to forget that we left the garage door open over night. I was hoping that there would be a way to set up a rule that the app could remind me say at 9 pm that the garage door is still open. There is a notification if the door has been open for an hour but if the door was opened 5 hours ago, well, see the original problem.

As far as I can tell, there is no way to do this. I’ve tried within the app, IFTTT, and for right now Google Home doesn’t see the Garage door status. I tried back porting the firmware as suggested on the forums to get the status working in Google Home but this didn’t fix it.

Any ideas?

Been there… nothing like waking up in the morning to your garage door being open all night… tools, unlocked cars, all wide open. Makes your stomach flip.

You could set a schedule rule that closes the garage door at a specific time M-F or days of your choosing.

The rule will run regardless of if the door is open or closed, but if open it will close as scheduled.

If the garage door is closed the rule action will fail.


Thank you for your response. My fear of running an automatic close routine is that one possibility that the car is not fully in the garage. We don’t do it often but sometimes especially when we bring groceries home to have extra space. I guess I am airing out all my dirty laundry as to how forgetful we are. LOL. For now this seems like the only option I have.

It just disappointing because makes total sense to have a simple notification that something is happening when the clock ticks a certain time, but it almost seems like the rest of the industry doesn’t agree with me because there are very few products that do this. Another example of this being useful is if a window was left open all night.

Thank you again for your response. I will mark this as the solution although I wish it was a notification, or even better, a notification that asks you if you want close the door and you could respond to it. Now there is a solution!!

You are welcome, lol. No worries. Like I said… I’ve done it more than I would like to admit.

Do your garage doors not have the trip sensors that disallow the door to close if the beam is obstructed? This would keep your car safe from that.

If you have Alexa, you can do some routines but they are more on a timer vs a specific time. Like when Garage door is Open, Send announcement 2 hours later to close the door. But that will fire even if closed. It is just a kind of a reminder.

Similar to what exists…

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Yes, I do have the trip sensors but they are mounted at the bottom of the door. If the car’s tires straddle the sensor, it will still close. Having said that, I’m going to look into either moving the sensor or adding an additional sensor to pick up at a higher level. Thanks for helping spark the idea!

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I’m just one more person worried about the garage door being up, and for me, the status is as important as a tool to schedule a closure of the door, and is more desirable at times.

I wanted to add an action to a google home routine that would just report whether the door was open or closed, After trying everything else, I just used the ‘try adding your own’ action and simply entered “hey google, is the garage door open or closed ?”.
I added this to the canned ‘bedtime’ routine, and now google gives a verbal report of the door status along with the other actions.

While I would still prefer to have a notification send to my phone. I really like this idea. I normally have the bedtime routine run automatically, but this idea definitely gives me some new options to explore. Thank you!

I’ve had my garage door opener working for a day or two, I’ve looked at ‘rules’ and don’t see a way to use them for open door status, I did note I can write an action in google home routine to turn on a lamp when the garage door is open, and perhaps we could use that lamp or other device to trigger notifications till there’s a better way? for now, if my lamp is on, I suspect the door is also open.

I haven’t tried this in awhile… but whenever I had a rule to Close the Garage, even though it was already closed… the controller would Open the garage and then Close the Garage.

It’s like it doesn’t check and just runs the routine.

Anyone else see this?