QR code No Data Found

Helping friend set up cameras that are new but a year or more old. Goes well until after scanning the QR code. message says “QR code scanned No Data Found.” cannot progress any farther. Tried on three cameras all brand new but old. Tried reset, scanned multiple codes. un-installed app, reinstalled etc. Any ideas. Cant seem to find this message anywhere.

I haven’t herd or seen this message before ether.
Are your cameras V1s, V2s, or Pans?
Is your network a 2.4Gz network?

Fixed the issue, my friend who I was helping over the phone scanned the incorrect code, not the one from his phone. The V2 recognized the code but as an example code, it contained no data. Soon as he viewed the setup video he saw his error and setup went perfect. Thanks

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Glad you fixed it!:grinning: