Q? LIMIT cam3 bandwidth usage. It is in warehouse with 1Gb/month cell phone data-- uses all 1Gb in 2 days

So I have 2 camera 3’s in a warehouse doing event recording, with a USB->LTE modem on a raspberry pi. The SIM card I have is a data-only from “TELLO” and provides 1 GB/month of LTE service.

So I don’t want the camera’s to upload motion to the cloud at all-- but I do want to record motion on the SD-cards on the camera’s. I also would like to be able to see the video/live-stream when I log-in and only when I log in.

The TELLO service renews today… so I should be able to connect sometime today and maybe tomorrow. I am not able to go to the warehouse, I set this up, made sure it works, and then left(it is a few states away from me).


Presumably you have not activated event recording in the camera settings. If you only want SD card to record that is a separate setting under Advanced settings. This would reduce data usage but not sure if it will be enough.

Yes. Just make sure ALL “Event” recording is turned off.

But at the same time ensure motion or continuous recording to SD is turned on.

They are independent of one another.

Also, be sure to configure the camera on an identically named and passworded WiFi network, or it will never work when it gets to its destination.

Lastly, beware that some of us (me) have had terrible reliability with Wyze SD recording.

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That is exactly my problem – I think “event” recording is on. I didn’t realize it was entirely separate from the SD motion recording.

I do have them both on the same wifi… The renewal process with Tello is a bit random, they give a 24-48hour window when it will renew ($6 for 1Gig LTE data). If I can get this to work I will be super happy.

Thanks so much for the help!

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Have been watching the data usage the last few days. Just a few minutes of streaming uses around 14 to 30meg each day but otherwise it hasn’t sucked up all the data, so I think that solves the problem! appreciate the help

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Great to hear. Continued good luck and happy new year.