New Wyze V3, Motion light triggering and High data use questions

I got my new Cam V3 set up and working yesterday. After walking in front of it for tests, I had the sensitivity set up fairly high. The camera is on my garage overlooking my yard and driveway next to a motion light. Overnight, I had several events that appear to be nothing more than the light turning on or off. This morning, I did turn the sensitivity way down to see if that helps. Is there any way to prevent this problem?

Also, I had the setting on HD but used 4 GB of data in less than 12 hours. I did switch that down to SD. I have no internet other than a cellular jetpack for data. At 4GB of data in less than a day, that will be WAY more than I can use. Are there any other changes or settings that I can make to decrease the data usage?

Is your camera set to record events or continuous to the SD card? I have a V3 recording continuous in SD mode and it uses approx. 3GB a day. If in event recording to the SD card in the SD mode it uses drastically less. The cam will always record events due to light change. Or you could turn off detects motion under the event recording setting and not do any cloud recording and just record to the SD. You would then have to use the playback function to see what has been recorded.

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You can use Detection Settings > Detection Zone to filter out fixed objects like lights. I do that on my side yard camera (backyard lights when the neighbor lets the dog out). Thing about lights at night and detection zone is, especially if you are viewing thru a window like I do, you have to see where the light glow is, or where reflections are when the pavement is wet. That means you may have to grow your detection zone a bit. As you go through more nights you will see what I mean. Best way to set the detection zone is at night while lights are on to show you the glow and reflections.

On the data, you need to make sure your phone is also on the cellular jetpack’s local WiFi network. Otherwise you are a person viewing that is not on the local network, and the camera would ship all the video to Wyze to send to your phone (or to anyone else that views from outside that local network). Note that Web View is always outside your local network, even if you are on the local WiFi.

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I am sure that the others here in the forum can help with your data usage concerns. I don’t have a data cap on fiber so I have never considered usage. But, cutting down on events has to help.

When I installed my V3’s over PIR Motion Sensor Security Floodlights, I had the same event activation issues. See my post about that here:

Hope this helps!

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