Wyze cam outdoor setting guidance help!

Can you guys help me with the camera settings in the Wyze App? I am not trolling here or wasting your time, I truly want to know everything under the settings and that’s why I am asking.

(1) First thing, what’s the best settings under" Detection Sensitivity"? Select 100 Far and High under the distance and sensitivity? What’s image sensitivity?

(2) Event Recording, Check the “Detects Motion” right?
Under Smart Detection, most important is the Person & Package Detection?

(3) Recording Cooldown, is to be set to" No Cooldown"? No Cooldown means non stop recording without break when there is a motion that is detected?

(4) Advanced Settings, “Night Vision Mode” should be on Auto? What’s the MicroSD storage option for and why? It will keep the recorded videos for ever until the MicroSD card storage limit is reached? How long will my recorded videos under events remain in the Wyze App without the SD card? 14 days only?
What is the " Sync Time" for and what does it mean?

(5) Notifications, What is AI Events? What means Detects Wyze AI Events? should I check it on?
What is Detects Any other Motion? Check it on?

(6) Travel Mode, It says the camera can record without wifi or the base and with micro SD card? Is it true, the wyze cam outdoor will detect motion and record videos even if is is not connected to a wifi and no base required?
If true, Why bother with base and home wifi since it can detect motion and record and save videos without internet and the base?


Most of these settings will be fine left on their default unless your having a problem with them. You can also google what a lot of this stuff is.

Sensitivity is how much motion is needed to trigger a recording.

Cooldown is the time between each event.

Check whatever AI events you want (person, package, etc). Note you also need to check them in notifications if you want them.

The micro SD card is for Timelapse’s and scheduled recordings.

Events go to the cloud for 14 days.

Travel mode is for travel, and requires Bluetooth to your phone. The base enables the cam to connect to the internet, and uses a lot less battery since it doesn’t have to stay connected.