Push notifications stopped notifying as soon as I subscribed to Cam Plus for a year

Push notifications were working just fine as is, with just Cam Plus Lite. Due to ??? push notifications stopped notifying as soon as I subscribed to (2) Cam Plus for a year, assigning the first subscription to one of my WCO, the second is currently unassigned to any other cam since the first isn’t up to par.

I’m aware I’m not alone with having this issue. Folks, any idea what WYZE is doing about it (before having users subscribe)?

Although the APP is recording the events, many of us rely on receiving notifications, not just events. One cannot continuously keep looking through events - most times is already too late since events are after the facts.

In my humble opinion, as technology moves forward, ‘things’ should be getting better, not worse. If the latter is what’s continuously happening, then we might as well remain at standstill.

***WYZE, please fix problems that you’re aware of; don’t implement new features/ideas while existing ones are broken, crippled, or even worse - useless.

Sorry your having issues, @WyzeJasonJ should be able to help you with this one.

I apologize that you are having issues with notifications. Have you contacted support about this and if you have do you have a ticket number you could give me? Have you submitted a log in the app with the issue, if so could I have that number also?

You can send in a log through Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log.

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Hi @WyzeJasonJ , did you receive my private message to you this afternoon with what you had asked for?

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