Push notifications need to be paused for a "set" amount of time

It is sunny but windy today in Las Vegas. With the sun and the wind, the shadows are constantly moving. I have had no less than 30 push notifications about movement on various cams. I can shut off the push notifications, but the problem is that I forget to turn them back on. I did this the other day, and it was shut off for 2 days before I remembered to turn them back on. If when you pushed the button to turn off the notifications it came up with a menu offer to have it off for 1 or 2 or 3 hours that would be a great solution. I had this option on my Ring doorbell at my previous and it was great.

This would be a great feature, but a workaround is to use a rule to turn it back on at a set time. This would still require you to set the time you want it back on and you would have to add every single camera to the rule, but it could be worth it until a better solution is available.

Also, not sure if you were using the notifications in the cams settings or the bell icon on the Home Screen, but the bell is more convenient and you can see a little ZZZ when it’s turned off.

But yea this would be a cool feature, you can suggest it on the #wishlist

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I thought I was putting it on wishlist…

When submitting a wishlist post you should set the category to “Wishlist”. You will know you did it right when it says the post has to be approved.

Wish I could modify it but it keeps erroring

No need to post a new Wishlist topic. It’s already there.

Follow the link, vote at the top, drop some likes :heart: around, and add a reply at the bottom if you are in the mood.

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Well lack of this option is making me take a serious look at the Ring products. If I have to turn off the push notifications and remember to turn them back on, which I will forget, it pretty much makes the product usless…

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Although the feature is not native to the Wyze App, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. :wink:

I have a Wyze Plug installed that I named “Notifications”. I don’t have anything plugged into this plug. It is just sitting there plugged in waiting to act as a relay messenger to my Wyze app.

I programmed 2 Rules for this plug. When the plug turns off, Mute Notifications. When the plug turns on, Unmute Notifications.

Since I have my Wyze Skill enabled in my Alexa App and I have Dots in the house, all I have to do is to say “Alexa, turn off Notifications for 10 minutes”.

Alexa turns the plug off, gives me voice confirmation, the notifications go on mute, 10 minutes later she turns the Notifications Plug back on and the Push Notifications UnMute.

If you are a Hey Googler, it also works with Google Home thru Google Assistant. But, you do have to configure the plug in Google Home and designate it as a something else (I tried to designate it as a light, but then Google will turn it off and on with all the rest if I tell it to "Turn on all the lights… No bueno. So then I designated it as a TV and that works since I don’t have a Smart TV in Google). The uptight folks at Google think that there are “Potential Safety Risks” to automatically timing outlets and switches.

The good thing about this is that you don’t need to tap your phone at all like you would if there was a timer option in the app. So long as you are willing to talk to your phone, task completed.

Hope this helps!

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SlabSlayer - This is a great idea. I’d like to try it. I don’t know much about Alexa. I guess I have my Wyze Skill enabled in Alexa because when I delete and then re-add a camera, Alexa says it added the camera. That’s about all I know about Alexa. And I have an extra Wyze Plug available. I also have Dots in the house. Do I have to do anything in Alexa to make this work, besides adding the Wyze Plug, setting up the 2 Rules. and saying the magic Alexa words?

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Since your Wyze Skill is already enabled, when you install the plug, Alexa will also pick that up automatically like she does when you install cams. What you name it in the Wyze app is the important thing because that is the name you will use when you tell Alexa “Turn off [Plug Name] for [X time]”. Nothing else in Alexa needs configured.

After that its just the two rules and speak the magic words. :+1:

I took you advise and set this up last night. Waiting for the wind to blow and the cams to go off.

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