Push notification Suggestion / Alerts and Emergencies

A previous post from me was about the ability to have a system-wide button to toggle notifications. Not just disable the notifications, but to disable the recording and storing of the cloud notification (private time while home, etc) without going to each camera.


As a followup, I could see a need for two types of Push notifications.

Video Alerts and Emergencies.

My thought would be “Emergencies Push” can be left enabled, wherein CO and Smoke detector alerts would get pushed, but Motion and Video alerts would not.

So, I could disable the push for video alerts if they’re getting out of hand (like when bugs constantly are sending alerts) but still receive Push if a smoke detector or CO alert is tripped.

I completely agree. I have several cameras with smoke and/or CO alerts enabled. But I’ll never know about them because I have push notifications turned off.

I assume smoke and CO alerts are entirely based on sound analysis. I’d hope to see a big disclaimer when the user turns on smoke/co alerts though, so some idiot doesn’t think he can throw his smoke alarms away because you told him your product detected smoke and then he goes and sues you when his house burns down and his pet ferret dies in a fire.

I’d like to see sound analysis also capture dog barking, screeching tires, engine revving, horns, and gunfire if you can pull that off. Though I do understand how massively difficult that sort of signal analysis is.

And use separate sliders for:

  • Microphone on/off
    • Audio streaming on/off
    • Audio recording of CVR on/off
    • Audio recording of events on/off
    • Audio event detection
  • Notifications on/off
    • Motion events
    • Lights on/off events (to detect when someone has turned off/on the lights in a room)
    • Audio events
    • Loss of Connectivity events

Thanks for the feedback! Lets see if I can cover everything here.


1.Turning off camera recording without powering the camera down: This is something we are looking into, I am not 100% sure that it has been set to a milestone yet (1.3, 1.4, ect) but I have had conversations with the Dev team about this.

2.CO and Smoke alarm detection: I did a quick follow up with the Devs about this one, what I was told is that the OS of the device the app is on only allows On or Off. There are possible ways to act as a work around for something like this, but they want to avoid making things being on/off confusing. You can however use IFTTT as a work around for this. You can set a 'This statement as ‘CO alarm is detected’ and then a notification function that is part of IFTTT to have them send the alert, regardless of if you have notifications on/off in the Wyze app. the notification will still say the camera name and time just like our notifications do.


  1. These detections do work off of sound. Specifically the standardized pattern that most Fire/CO alarms use.

4.We did change the names a bit in 1.3 to more of a wording of ‘it detects the alarm, not the source’ but I will forward the suggestion of a pop up warning of this to the Devs!

5.Other sound detections: I wouldn’t expect something like this in the near future, but I would not take it off the table. As always, I will make sure the Devs are aware of the idea.

6.This one I am not 100% sure how to answer. Could you define what you mean by separate sliders? I just want to make sure I am understanding correctly.


Thanks everyone!


I may be using the wrong word, but a ‘slider’ in the context of my last post is a UI element that a user uses to turn a setting on or off. you slide it to the left or right to toggle the boolean setting.

I was suggesting that there be a slider to completely deactivate the microphone. And if that is not deactivated, then there could be four sliders to choose how sound is used, to comply with local regulations. (Recording of audio is a litigious matter in some places)

I was also suggesting that there be a slider to disable all notifications. And if that is not deactivated, then there could be four sliders to choose what categories of notifications the user wants to receive. Each could also let the user select a ring-tone. I believe in the latest Android SDK there is some integration with the core OS to do with categorizing notifications. So for instance if I’m in a translator app while traveling and a notification I don’t want pops op, I can acknowledge the notification AND tell the app that sent it not to send that category of notification again, all without exiting the translator app.

Perfect! I am glad I asked because I was misunderstanding a little, so thank you for clarifying. I was thinking you were referring to a feature like the sensitivity sliders we added in app version 1.3! I will make sure this suggestion makes it way up to the Devs.