Push notifications

Is there a way to turn on or off push notifications per each camera?

I believe only by turning off detection in the camera. It sure would be nice to be able to leave detection on to upload the videos, but only enable push for certain cameras.

Yes agreed would be nice so it would still record to the cloud at all times.

You can enable continuous recording or event recording on your SD card, and turn off the alert setting. That way you will have a recording, but no alert. Not ideal I know.

Sounds like one of those things that we hope they’ll be an update for. Always good to have the backup to the cloud.

I would like to have the scheduled push notifications be adjustable for weekdays and weekends. I’m monitoring my office and want them all weekend, but only nights during the week.

Also, would be nice to have it record every notification to the cloud, but only push them on the set schedule.

Agreed time push notification scheduling would be good too. But maybe we should just shoot for per camera push notifications updates.

I agree. The abitilty to record alerts without recieving the push alerts during certain time would be great.

Also the ability to customize push alerts per day (Monday, Tuesday, etc) would be great too.