Notifications Event specific to Fire Alarm and Co2

Hello, I have Cam-V3
and Cam Plus

I would like to be able to have a push notification specific to the event - fire alarm sound or Co2 alarm sound detected. I don’t want a notification for every single sound, or every time a person walks by etc. But I do want a notification if my camera detects the firealarm sound or the Co2 Alarm sound. I don’t see any instruction on how to set for that type of notification and customer support says it is not possible. Really? either I get a notification on every sound detected, or nothing at all? this seems impossible - Are there eally people out there that want every time a sound is heard?

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[Mod edit} moved to general catagory. This is a current function.

This is a current function. This is from the V2 Support FAQ, but applies to the V3.

Basically, just disable “detect sound” in the “event recording” settings, then go into the “alarm settings” menu and enable CO and Smoke detection. This overrides the now off “detect sound” toggle.


yes, I have it set for that. but in terms of notifications I don’t see anyway to only get a notification for just the smoke or Co2- - the notification seems to be all sounds or nothing. am I wrong about that. My notifications are on an apple device.

Is your “detects sound” disabled in the cameras event recording settings?