Provide option to turn off bluetooth for devices

Turn off bluetooth in Wyze sense hub

Please allow us an option to turn off bluetooth when in the house. The hub is placed in a central location and we do not want an additional radiation in the house.

[Mod Edit]: Title modified to be more inclusive. I.e., this wishlist request is not limited to Hub.

Turn off bluetooth on Wyze Plug

The Plug uses bluetooth for the initial setup and then wifi after, but according to support the bluetooth remains on even after setup. It seems there’s no reason because wifi is used after setup, so it would be preferable to have an option to turn the bluetooth off if you don’t want additional bluetooth devices running around the house. Perhaps the bluetooth could be turned back on when the device is turned on or if it gets disconnected from wifi (so that it can always be set up again), but there doesn’t seem to be a need for the bluetooth to be always on. Even just something like a QR code on the Plug would eliminate the need for the bluetooth (similar to the camera setup, just with the code on the Plug).

We bought a bunch of Plugs but we’re going to be returning them for a different option. Maybe we’ll revisit if this is ever fixed.

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Stop Wyze Lock Bluetooth from broadcasting

Wyze Lock with Wifi bridge even after pairing and turning off auto unlock features continues to broadcast the Bluetooth name. So anyone with Bluetooth can clearly see I have a Wyze Lock. And attempt to connect and pair with it. At all times of the day. Without telling me with notifications or anything.

I cannot believe the device functions this way, it’s a security risk to me for anyone to even identify what kind of device I have inside my apartment without ever being inside. And who knows what kind of exploits that someone could use to tamper with my lock via Bluetooth. An exploit may not exist now, but you can’t guarantee that days/months/years from now.

I should be able to at the very minimum change the name of the Bluetooth broadcast from “Wyze Lock” to something else of my choosing so I at least can attempt to mislead people OUTSIDE my apartment at a glance. This is still insufficient though since Bluetooth shows an ID underneath the name, ie MAC, and that also can be used to identify the lock. It ideally should be turned off from being visible. I do NOT use any of the Bluetooth features besides the wifi bridge, and once that is paired, the Bluetooth should not need to be visibility broadcasting to non paired devices.

Edit: I’m outside on the street and right Infront of the apartment (despite being on the second floor) you can clearly see Wyze Lock when you turn on Bluetooth. You can almost use it to pinpoint which apartment block has a Wyze Lock just by walking to the next entrance door and back on the street. This means you can easily identify which units have a Wyze Lock with scary accuracy without stepping foot in the building, yet alone my apartment

I can’t have this security risk so the lock comes off and returned to Amazon unless it’s fixed.

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