Problems with Wyze Sense and Pan Cam

I am having the same problem

(Mod edit: Member is having problems with both their Wyze Sense and Pan)

Yes help me. How do I take the battery out?

I assume you need help with the Wyze sensors?

How to replace battery from support section.

Battery Replacement


My problem was not with the sensors but with my WyzeCam Pan. It will not connect to my WIFI network. I has worked ever since I purchased it (over 6 months ago) but not it just will not connect. Help

@oldirish, I have moved your comments to a separate thread so members can assist you more easily. Can you provide more information about your problems with the Wyze Sense and Pan? Could you also provide the phone OS version you are using, the app version, and the firmware version of the Pan? :slight_smile:

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My problem is with the Pan camera. It just stopped talking to my WiFi service. The OS version of app is V2.4.73. The Pan version is unknown because I can not talk to it, but it was up to date when I installed my light bulbs when the came. (First shipment). I put a regular Wyze Cam in its place and it worked fine and talked to my sensors. I have tried to reset the Pan and go through the setup many times but it just will not hook up to my network.

Here are the Troubleshooting Guides.

If that doesn’t help, keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, please file a Support Request.

Have you gone through the troubleshooting guides as @Loki has stated? At which step in the setup process is it failing? In order to assist you, we need specifics.

In the meantime, have you submitted a support request in case you don’t get the answer you need here?

I had to take out the SD card out of mine to get it to re connect to internet
Took out my SD card uninstalled it from the app reinstall it as a new camera then put the SD card back in
An update for firmware did this to me

I have finally got back to the problem with my Pan. I have taken out the SD card and it came on line. As soon as I put the SD card back in off line it goes. Firmware version on Pan is Do I bad SD card? Purchased through Wyze when I purchased Camera.