Problems with model WYZECP1

I just purchased two new model WYZECP1 cameras from a friend. I went to set them up and noticed two problems. On the one camera as soon as I plug it in I start to hear a clicking noise. I can’t get the camera to do anything else as far as trying to set up. On the second camera I get up to scanning the QR code but I can’t get the connection to happen. Any ideas?

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The WYZECP1 is the Wyze Cam Pan V1.

Make sure that you have a good Power Adapter on the clicking cam. Swap them if necessary. The PanV1 requires a 2Amp power supply as the motors draw more power.

On the QR issue, make sure the QR code is fully visible on your phone. You may need to adjust the zoom and scaling settings back to normal if you have custom screen image scaling or text size settings.


The camera continues to click and the light flashes yellow every 10 seconds or so. Even if I try to manually flash the firmware, it continues to click and flash yellow. The camera used to work fine but I hadn’t used it in months. When I started the app, it said the camera was offline. I have tried multiple adapters that have worked in the past. I removed the device from the app and tried to start over but it has the same behavior. Please help!