Problem with tinycam pro.

When I try to add my Wyzecam I click on Wyze Labs, Wyze Cam the app doesn’t show the proper protocol. It only shows Cloud and is unchangable.

tinyCam dev here. This is by design. Not an issue.

Tinycam seems to see my cameras and it is easy enough to fill in the wyze account (not camera) username and password but I always get this error:

Wyze Cam service failed with code 3033 (UserOpenTwoFactorAuth)

Any Suggestions?

What tinyCam app version do you have? It is shown in app drawer (left slide menu).

Thanks for responding. It says Version 11.0 - Amazon Appstore

2FA for Wyze is implemented in tinyCam version 12. For some strange reasons it is almost two months under review on Amazon AppStore.

I didn’t do anything that I know of to cause or request two factor authentication.

Can I turn it off?



To turn off 2FA open Wyze app. Press Account in the lower right corner, press on your email (profile) and select Two-Factor Authentication.

By the way it worked!