Problem with app , cannot turn cameras on or off

Same here.

Cannot execute any shurcuts and on/off commands.

Wyze support don’t let us down!

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Same for me. Couldn’t turn it off this morning. Now it is off but can’t turn it on… uhhh

My cameras have no turned themselves off overnight and will not turn on via app either. They did this while I was asleep as something was detected during the night and when I woke up neither are on

We have reported this to Wyze. They are currently working on the issue. :slight_smile:


I hope so cause I now my cameras are turning themselves off and I cannot turn on remotely. Nor are notifications being sent once removing power source and back on (only way to turn on camera). Not helpful when leaving the premises that the only way I can see things is via live stream - as long as they don’t turn off again :frowning:

That’s another problem

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I also just left the property. One camera normally pics up sound and the other sound and motion (movement right in front of cam). The one that picks up sound detected but not the one where o walk right in front of camera. Had these less than a week. Seems like a waste of money so far :pensive:

Had them for half a year, barely ever an issue and support is extremely responsive. Just be patient.

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I’m having the same problem. I can’t turn my cameras off unless I unplug them. I’ve already reported it. Since it’s affecting the app on multiple platforms and multiple types of cameras, maybe it’s a server issue. They might want to get on this though because not being able to turn off a camera feed is a pretty creepy and invasive issue to have. :confused:

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Thank you all for reporting the issue. We’re investigating the problem.


I am having the same problem with not being able to turn cameras off in the app af of this morning. I reported it from within the app and have a ticket number.

I am having the same issues as of this morning with my shortcuts and the on/off toggle not working. I also submitted a ticket from within the app with the logs files. Hopefully this is an easy one for them to fix

They must be working on it because all of my cameras (3x v2, 1x Pan) just came on and I can’t turn them off now in the app haha!

Ditto after the firmware update.

For now, I’ll have to keep my Cam Pan unplugged :frowning_face:


Correlation does not imply causation. Those that didn’t update firmware also had the problem.


Just saw my cameras do the same thing @chaybee1 and the “Detect Motion” switch orientation was changed when they restarted.

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Mine are still on haha. Had to turn off notifications.

Functions are starting to work :grinning:

Sure. But, this problem only occurred for me immediately after apply the update.

If you happened to do that Update last night or today it was a coincidence

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