Problem Going From Group View To Single Camera View?

I have a fair number of Wyze Cam V2s so I put some of them in a group (of three). When I select the group they all connect reasonably well and start streaming–not always but most of the time. The problem is when I then select one of the cameras to view it gets stuck on ‘Getting Video Data (3/3)’. I can go back (‘<’) and immediately connect to all the cameras in group view including the one I tried to drill down to. When this happens it happens no matter how many times I might try. This doesn’t always happen (it’s working now) but it happens enough that it is a major annoyance.

Edit: One more thing–the Kb/s rate is changing as if displaying the video while it displays ‘Getting Video Data (3/3)’.

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I assume you are using Android by the tag in your post. What device and app version are you using?

Standard questions:
What firmware version for the cameras?
What Phone app version are you using?
What type of phone are you using?

I have seen the same thing, but off hand, I don’t remember if it’s that way on my Android or @#$%& iPhone (or both).

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I’ve similar results on Android on a relatively slow network (I only pay for 1Mbps upload and frequently see less).
What’s your network speed?

@Gemniii - Very fast WiFi. Given what I’m seeing my guess is that it’s the Wyze backend.

I have noticed this same issue. it has happened to me on mobile and wifi. its only happened for me since the last Beta update though. being on Beta I’m certain to run into these things but I haven’t heard of this being a widespread problem in the production versions. I would recommend sending logs into the devs just so that information is out there.

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