Pro Lights Order

Just figured out that the Pro Lights that I ordered in JULY and CONFIRMED they had received an order with an online chat employee, who repeatedly reassure me multiple times that they had received my order and I had nothing to worry about, only to discover today that my order had been CANCELLED … THANKS WYZE!!! I’ve only been waiting half a year for a product that’s been sold out right after it debuted. So I guess I’m just SOL after YOUR MISTAKE. I’m so … can’t say it here but you get the picture…

and of course the chat I had with the employee cuts off right where I need it

“Thank you for reaching Wyze Wizards team. My name is Jericho and I’ll be happy to help.
(07:33:32 PM) Jericho: Hello Brett, my apologies since your order have not arrived yet. Let me check that for you.
(07:33:44 PM) Brett : When I ordered I kept getting an error … I repeatedly put in my credit card information correctly multiple times but continued to get the error
(07:33:54 PM) Jericho: Can I have the order number for this?
(07:34:24 PM) Brett : Can I do that without it leaving with chat
(07:34:51 PM) Jericho: We might get disconnected, anyway, just tap the minimize button.”

Thanks Jerry … you had one job

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