Printing an Articulated V3 Window Mount

@majb.v3 and Others.
Some people in the forum have expressed the need for an adjustable camera window mount.
The pictures below show a 3D-printed articulated V3 camera window mount. The STL files are provided at no cost for you, your friend, or the library to print. Because there are multiple parts to be fitted together and some 3D printers output a better product than others, some parts’ cleanup by scraping, sanding, or filing will probably be needed. For good parts’ strength and fit-up print at medium or high resolution and with 50% infill.

The link below contains the Folder of STL files for the Articulated Window Mount components. It also contains the STL files for a cord ribbon anchor and for the 3mm cord anchor. I was able to click on the link which brought up a list of STL files, which I was also able to open. Let me know if the link doesn’t work for you?

V3 Mount Components

I put a lot of effort to design the articulated window mount above, however, the Sq Angle Bracket shown below is a simpler and better solution in my opinion.

In the two pictures above the camera’s swivel capabilities are not used. Tape is used to clamp the swivel at straight-ahead. The camera’s base is rotated to the horizontal direction needed,