Previous Recordings Accessible- Cam Plus

I recently bought a Wyze Cam OG, have not had any paid plan or SD card installed. In the AM hours of 6/11, I see a disturbing event.

If I purchase the Cam Plus plan today, can I go back to that date to see more of that event? Thank you!

I don’t know, but I doubt it. Hopefully someone who knows for sure will jump in with an answer.

No. If you were on an unpaid plan, the only file residing on the server is the .jpg snapshot image that was uploaded at the time of the event. If you subscribe to Cam Plus today, the previous 14 days history will remain as .jpg snapshot images. Only your newly uploaded events after you subscribe will be MP4 video files. I highly recommend all Wyze Cam users install large capacity High Endurance SD Cards set to record continuous so that there is a video backup of all activity.

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