Pre order out door camera

I like Wyze in door camera. So I pre ordered The out door cameras as soon as I found out. It’s not going to be delivered till October …the worse part of it, Wyze charged 100% of the costs to my credit card…while getting my money for three months!
It would be reasonable to ask for 10 to 15% deposit…this is the first company , maybe the only one doing business this way…
Hope the management take notice…
I love your products !

Welcome to the Wyze community!
If had experience with Wyze pre order and early access. They will keep you updated and they won’t take your money and run.

Welcome to the forums! When you pre-ordered, when were you expecting the product to arrive? Checking the website, both the single camera and the bundle state that they only are taking pre-orders with an October delivery.

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