Power to my cam pam3

I ordered two cam pan v3 and have been problems with both of them from the start. I powered them
Both on as well as updated it with the latest software. The issue is at random times it powers off. I have thought my wire wasn’t connected all the why, however I pushed the wire in as far as it would let me. Now it comes on and off randomly. I find I have the best luck with it when the camera is up side down. Is anyone else having similar issues?

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Are you using the cord and the power adapter that came with the cams or are you using an extension power cable?

I am using the cord and power adapter that came with the camera.

Is the app telling you that the cam is “off” in the device list or is there a cloud icon?

What happens if you try to open the cam to live stream without turning it on?

When it does this, is the cam moving into Privacy Mode with the cam faced toward the base?

If you have the status lights on, are they still on after it does this?

There are no status lights in the cam. There are a few instances where it says error 90 but most info
The the time it says offline. This is all happing while I Am no more than 6 feet from the router. Some time when I put it in privacy mode it will just turn off. Earlier today when I was trouble shooting it it had a light pop noons before powering off.

Putting it in Privacy Mode is turning it off. That is the “Off” button within the PanV3 UI.

There have been many reports of both offline and power issues with the Wyze Cam PanV3. My questions were to determine which you were experiencing.

Do you have a SD Card in the cam set to record continuous?