Power source

I suggest WYZE allow power to any Wyze cam from any source: solar or battery or electrical outlet.
For example: I have the Wyze Car. Great little power bank, but it is limited to the Car. (I can use the power bank to power non-Wyze products or charge my phone.)
For example: solar panels limited to only certain cameras.
For example: Generic battery packs will not power any Wyze Cam.
For example: Wyze Battery Pack limited to one Wyze cam.
The situation reminds me of the bad old days when a new phone meant all new chargers.

Plenty of after-market solutions available, just not by Wyze. None of my Wyze cams use the supplied Wyze power adapter.

Several V3 cams on solar and 24 V3 cams on a battery backed up power source.

Search this forum and you will find many solutions others and myself have posted.

thank you!

Solar panel is not going work on a camera without a battery unless you also add an external battery.

Why do you say that? Sure they will. I do that quite regularly. It’s just a plain ol’ USB power source.
I have Wyze cameras in my truck that are powered from a cigarette lighter to USB adapter.
On MANY occasions, I have powered Wyze cameras from one of several USB battery banks.
I have powered Wyze cameras from high current 5V power supplies on top of my pixel tree in my front yard.
I have powered Wyze cameras from a USB port on a computer.

Lots of useful info in the above 2 posts

So it’s my lack of knowledge, not Wyze!
Seriously, thank you.
I will check this out!