Power Loss Recovery setting for Bulb Groups

My power just went out and I realized that some bulbs weren’t set to return to previous state. I personally want all my bulbs to return to previous state after a outage. It would be nice to have a way to set all bulbs to one particular state if you want all of them same instead of bulb by bulb. Give us both options. A universal option and bulb by bulb. For someone like me who has switched most of their house over to wyze bulbs it took quite some time. Lol. Thanks.

Have you tried organizing your bulbs by group?

They are almost all in different groups. But that has nothing to do with my issue. You can have one bulb set to turn on and 2 set to return to previous state. I found that out last night. I missed a few bulbs. When you have around 20 it happens.

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Thanks… I understand your dilemma now. What you’re asking for is to add the “Power Loss Recovery” setting for Bulbs to the Group level. I’d vote for it as I need the same for my Bulbs.

Your request was previously brought up, but it was lumped into a broader solution to cover all device type settings via profiles. I’d like to see your enhancement as a standalone feature for bulbs, as it should be easier to implement in a timely manner compared to the broader saved-profiles approach. Perhaps @Mavens could move this to the Wishlist?

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That will be a job for @moderators. :wink:


I second that :rofl:


What would also provide more options is to allow devices to be added to/grouped in multiple groups. This is very useful for whole house operations and is available on many other products. I use this to easily shut down everything when I leave.

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This topic has been moved to the #wishlist and the title adjusted.