Power interruptions power outages

Do you have backup power for your Internet & WiFi?

I have V3’s mostly (over 20 cams) and built my own battery backup system that powers my Internet, WiFi, VOIP phone system and all my cameras.

Unfortunately the Flood Light Cam is 120 VAC and backing that up would be more involved as you would need something like a computer bbs to create the 120 VAC power, and since that is not low voltage I would not recommend for the average user to implement.

As far as having to reboot the camera Wyze does drop the ball there. Like Slabslayer said a smart switch could take care of the remote reboot. BUT DON’T BUY ANY WYZE SMART SWITCHES OR PLUGS AS THEY ARE JUNK. Buy another brand than wyze.

This is a link to my setup: A.C. Power Failure Battery Back-Up for 14 V3 cams and Internet Communications