Power failure causes time of day/rules to be off

Here in Costa Rica we have a lot of temporary power outages. I’ve set up rules for the cams to come on at night, but after a power outage they don’t adhere to the rules. I don’t know if they just power on after an outage or what. Is there a way to force the cameras to abide by a clock?

The time in the rule needs to occur for that rule to run. Say you have a rule to turn on a light at 9pm, but the power is out during that time. When the light is powered back up, it won’t turn on due to its rule until the next day at 9pm. It should however turn back on if you have your Wyze bulb power loss settings set to do that.

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One klunky way around the problem is setting up more rules to keep turning the camera on every 15 minutes, for example, throughout the night.

But if I were you I think I’d rather just leave them on all the time instead of by schedule; then they should come back from outages without issue.

Ive seen with mine before, the cams need to be cycled on amd off after wifi lost or power loss. Not always but often. Not sure why though.

Seems like this is the best solution. I would imagine they ping the app from a connected phone to get their time. Maybe if the cams are off, they don’t communicate with the app at all.

I think maybe you missed Tony’s point? It’s not that they’ve lost their timeclock but that they missed the point at which they would have been told to fully turn on. When that signal was sent to them, they were powered off and missed it.

The settings and rules are kept in the cloud. Your app connects to the cloud to change the settings and adjust the rules. The cloud communicates to the bulb when actions are taken, weither it be manual through the app or rules you have set. Rules don’t pend or defer if your bulb is powered off or is not connected to WiFi. The rule command is sent or not when the time occurs. The rule of " turn light bulb on from 9p to 10p" is not “Make sure the light is on anytime between 9:00 and 10:00”, it’s actually “send command at 9:00 to turn on and send command at 10:00 to turn off”. If your bulb is off at 9, it will miss that command and you’ll have to wait till tomorrow for that on rule. now let’s say you turn the bulb manually on between 9 and 10, the “off” command from that rule will at 10 turn the bulb off.

Edit/ disclaimer: I am not a Wyze employees and have no behind the scene knowledge, this is my belief how things work from my experiences using the products. :slight_smile:

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Ah, ok. Makes sense. So without power, no on/off command is received and they remain in whatever state they were in. Got it. Thank you!

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Ok, I understand now. Thanks for the clarification!

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