Power cut disable rule

We had a 2-hour power cut over lapping when my rule for starting motion detection was supposed to kick in. It didn’t.

Anyone else has similar experience or you all have a reliable power supply?

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Unfortunately, most rule changes are sent by Wyze servers, so if the device isn’t online then it must wait until the next rule change. There is no handshaking/retry.

They have started moving some simple scheduling to the device, tho. Not on the cameras yet.


Thanks for your response - much appreciated. I looked in vain for where to make suggestions and/or vote on such, but didn’t find it.

Such simple rules (switching on /off monitoring) ought to be designed to work whenever there is a powercut (we have a fair amount of those here in Costa Rica).

So if a camera (v3) is monitoring and there is a powercut I guess it will not resume either… Any idea? If so that would seem to be a very high priority feature to ensure.


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All suggestions for further enhancements start out in the Wishlist and later show up in the Roadmap, but I never personally have an issue with any Wyze device and my old Netgear R6400v2 router.

Right - so you probably have a reliable mains power supply to your house, which is a different situation from mine.

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I would love to have “retry on fail every hour” sort of feature. It would be awesome!

Realistically, the only workaround I can imagine is to set backup rules for anything important. We had to do this for our cameras that sometimes lost wifi connection and so wouldn’t execute on a rule. So that’s my suggestion for an immediate fix, set duplicate rules to execute every 2 hrs so even if a rule is missed it eventually gets fixed.

Hope that helps.