Potential Issue with latest Beta Release and V3 Cam

Android App Version: 2.17.31
iOS App Version: 2.17.31

V3 Firmware: (Sporadic Person Alerts - using CamPlus)
V2 Firmware: (Works as advertised)

I am testing the latest Beta of the App and Firmware. I have found that the V2 camera notifies often and accurately now, impressed with the amount of person alerts I get now compared to a week or so ago. However, the V3 is not as frequent. This morning, my wife went to workout and passed through the garage to the porch. The Garage notified quickly of a person, but the Porch did not notify at all. I looked at the Events tab in the app and it was correctly identified as a person, so I believe CamPlus did its job, but the V3 did not notify. I have everything setup to notify on an AI event (Person and Package). So there may be a bug or issue where the V3 cam does not notify as frequently as the V2.

Below is the image which shows the 2 events, Garage (V2) and Porch (V3). The Porch Never Notified. I am still testing to see what is up, I did reboot the camera, as I have done before, and it did notify when my wife returned home. So the notification is sporadic. I did submit a log of this: 123563

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I know it is tedious but please put the version of the release in the title, “latest” changes quickly with Wyze.
Do you mean


Good point – normally do, had a brain dump. :slight_smile: adding it now

Just added the versions. The FW Version of the V3 is

Appreciate you pointing this out.


Am seeing same issue with a v3 on camplus. Events show as person but notification never comes.

The interesting thing is I set Alexa to notify when that camera sees people and alexa notifies properly every time, its just not sending an app notification.

(Android 2.17.31 but it was reported in previous release as well)

I just posted this in the V3 Beta forum (Wyze Cam v3, Cam Outdoor, v2 & pan Firmware Beta testing 2/8/2021 - #20 by brian163):

"So I did some more testing with the Camera’s after turning off Beamforming on my TPLink Mesh Network. In the last 24 hours or more, I have not had any issues with KB/s going to zero and then reconnecting. Seems to be stable now. Of course, it has only been 24 hours - so time will tell.

Others experiencing similar issues may want to consider testing by turning off Beamforming, if it is on. You can turn it back on if it doesn’t work for you.

On another note, not sure if it is related or not, I had well over 100 alerts/notifications today counting 4 camera’s (3 V3’s and 1 V2). Most of the Notifications was from my Driveway cam as my neighbor was having their roof replaced. Out of all the alerts, I estimate only a handful did not actually present a notification on the phone. This is 100 times better than what I have experienced a month ago or less. Not sure yet if it is that I turned off Beamforming, the new Beta Firmware, App, or what. So more testing to try and determine this. But all in all, things are looking better."

Note: I still have some notifications not getting through to my phone, Alexa does announce it as well. So I am a bit perplexed as to what is going on for the ones I missed. Summarizing the issue: Person detected on Camera, Camplus confirms this, Alexa Notifies, Events tab in app shows Person as a tag, but No Notification on the phone.

Ok - final update. Things are definately better but not perfect. This morning, wife went to workout, All Camera’s alerted as indicated previously in the post. This was great. However, when she returned home, 1 of the 4 camera’s alerted. My Porch Camera Alerted, but the Driveway and 2 garage cams did not. Interestingly enough, Alexa Alerted on all camera’s detecting a person and the Event Tab in the app shows all camera’s detected a person. So here is the summary:

  • Alexa alerted on all camera’s when a person is detected
  • Wyze App Events shows the Person Tag on all 4 Camera’s. Indicating it identified correctly
  • Porch Camera Notified on the phone
  • Driveway, Garage, and Patio (Currently in garage) did not Notify - this is the BUG

Submitted a log of this: 125215

Devices Used:

  • Android Pixel 5 Android 11 app beta version 2.17.31
  • iOS iPhone X app beta version 2.17.31

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