No Notification on V2 Camera

This morning I walked through my garage and the V2 Camera picked up the motion and I was notified that a person was detected. When I returned home, I again walked through my garage and no notification at all. I looked at the Events in Wyze and it showed an event at 7:45am in my garage and correctly labeled it as a person. But no Notification at all on this.

I know we are testing the beta versions of the app and firmware, but was wondering if anyone else is having this issue and if there is some setting I can do to get this process to be more consistent.

I am on an Android Phone running Android 11.


My V2 Camera is not alerting on Person again, even though the Events tab shows Person tags on the captured video’s.

Having this issue but with a V3. Its properly recording, but only sends a notification 10% of the time.

Doesnt seem beta related as the notification doesnt come through on any of my devices. (Beta and production android and production ios) Alexa is properly notified though (I have it set to announce when that one camera sees people and it announces 100% of the time)

Just got the next release of the App for Android. I still don’t get regular notifications even though the event tag shows Person detection events.

Any suggestions? @WyzeAndy is this being worked on?

Same here. No person detection on new beta version. I have V2’s throughout the house and 4 outdoor cams. None of them are notifying anymore after the latest update. Please fix this ASAP!

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So, I just noticed that the version is no longer Beta… :slight_smile: but with that said, I just took a drastic approach, uninstalled the app and then reinstalled in on my Android Device. Seemed that the Notification did work, for a bit. The V2 got me walking out of the garage and notified of a person and Vehicle. When I retuned to the garage - Nothing. :frowning: Looking in the events, I see the Garage did pick me up and labeled it correctly, but no notification of this.

Thought I had it there for a minute… I will continue to test and see if there is any reasoning to this.

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