Postal mail box alert

Does wyze have anything that will alert you when your postal mail has come? My mail box is at the end of the street, so it has to be able to cover some distance.

Here’s my solution:

That’s a V2 stuck to the back of the mailbox. I do have the advantage that there is AC power and WiFi in the brick column that houses the mailbox however…


That’s handy, unfortunately I don’t have either wifi or electricity available. All of our boxes are at the front of the subdivision. One good thing is they all lock individually. Since they are quite a ways from my house, I have been trying to figure out a way to be alerted when it is delivered, to save me trips to /he mailbox.

If distance is an issue, I suggest this. This is also what I use. I have the motion sensor on my mailbox, 145 feet from my door. And I have same on my newspaper box. Sends me a phone alert and announcement via customizable Alexa routines, the newspaper has arrived 25 feet. And I have the glass breakage & shake sensor in my old truck sitting on the street (80 feet0 in case someone crawls under and tries to cut the catalytic converter off. Both require the $20 hub. What makes these so special is, they don’t use WiFi. They use LoRa, Long Range protocol. LoRa has a range distance of 1,000 feet to 1/4 mile.


Oh wow, a V2? I assume you encased it in a cover to protect it from weather. Did you do one of those solar + Battery solutions, or another way of getting power out there?

I use a V2 Contact sensor on my mailbox, and my Alexas’ all announce “Mail Delivered” whenever it is opened. :slight_smile:

Nope, but the camera is inside the mailbox and that is inside a brick and concrete column. I have the advantage of two 20A circuits run into that column via conduit under the lawn. There is also a WiFi access point inside the column. There is also a gigabit Ethernet connection to a switch that feeds the access point.


My two-word favorite phrase describes it better than anything else I can say. “Merely Wonderful”.


That is awesome! Well done, I love it. Thanks for sharing.


Holy ✓€%✓, that %©®% mailbox is better equipped than most homes, apartments, or offices for that matter. :slight_smile:

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LOL Yeah !!! Well Said.

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OK, here’s the back story on the column with the mailbox. As has been written here before, I run a music synchronized Christmas light show. As part of that, when I built the column I added conduit for power, and conduit back to the house for low voltage stuff - including data. There is also conduit to a bunch of other places in the yard. There is a managed network switch in the column that carries data for the light show and also for the WiFi (and a few other things). I put in every piece of conduit I could think of because once I poured the concrete for the footing, it would be VERY HARD to add any more later.


All I can say is WOW!
Nice job, and way to think ahead!

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