Popping noise

I have a cam V2 installed in my workshop. The cam catches a very loud popping noise that starts the 12 second recording. I am unable to hear this popping sound when I am in the workshop. I am not sure if there is something wrong with my camera, or there is indeed a loud popping sound going off in my workshop when I am not there. Has anyone else had this issue?

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its the sensor making that noise

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Well, that is not good, because it sets off a notification, when there is really nothing there.

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I have a camera in my garage and it is on a wall with an analog clock. I noticed the camera picks up the tick tock tick tock from the second hand even thought even at a close distance it is BARELY able to be heard by me. these cameras seem to conduct noise rather well and is it is on a solid surface it might be picking up a door closing or something thats a regular noise to you, and amplifying that in the recording. does it happen at the same time or coincide with someone getting home everyday or something like that?

you could turn off the sound recording activation ( or turn the sensitivity down) if it is happening too much.

as far as figuring out what it is I would go to the surrounding surfaces and knock or tap on them getting closer and closer to that camera and see if you can recreate it. try it through walls if that is an option, just get creative and bang around and see if you can recreate it. also move the camera to a soft surface in the same room and leave it and see if you catch that sound again. if you happen to have another camera available, place another camera in the room, maybe on the opposite side and see if they both catch the same sound at the same time.

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I switched out the camera for another one, the new one does not pick up any popping noises. The suspect camera is now in my upstairs quiet room and still alerts to some popping noise. As JennLynnC mentioned, it’s the camera itself, not any sound in the room. I think it’s faulty.

We were watching TV this evening and a very loud pop sound came from the corner where our Wyze cam is in our living room…scared the crap outta us!! It definately was not the clicking sound I have heard people discuss as I have heard ours do that as well! Loud pop sounded almost like an electrical short - I checked everything out that I could think it could be and the only thing I feel it could have come from is the Wyze Camera…is this the sound you were hearing as well from yours?

My v2 suddenly started having the exact issue

excellent! I’ve been notified, and heard the recording, which made no sense… mystery solved. You’ve done a public service.

I have the exact same issue on 2 different cameras… It is a distinct single loud “pop” noise and it occurs randomly. Almost sounds like something shorting out. At first I thought somebody was hitting the window with a stick.

I have 9 Wyze cams (both v2 and v3) and at least 4 of my cameras have the same loud popping issue. Two of the v2’s do it and two of my v3’s sending the irritating false notifications with the loud pop. By the way, I have a Netgear/Arlo system in the same room and it does not have those issues…nor does it send the false notifications. Hopefully, Wyze can figure it out.

Has anyone worked out why this is actually happening. I was awake at 4:33am this morning, unable to sleep well, when I heard a bang from downstairs. Then my Wyze app alerted me to this loud pop noise, the same as people describe above. There’s literally nothing else powered on in the room other than the camera.