Loud buzzing in app from Wyze cam

I have one camera that when I monitor it I hear a loud buzzing on my iPad/iPhone. My 3 other cameras don’t do this. I can’t hear anything on this camera besides the buzzing. I’ve tries to reset and it’s up on the latest software.

is this on a V2 or a pan cam and what type of surface do you have it on?

We have this camera mounted on a wall (same as another camera). We have V2 cameras.

Could be a bad part oscillating or maybe something site specific - maybe there’s a leaky a/c or rf wire in the vicinity. I’d try swapping the usb p/s and the cable and if that doesn’t do it try swapping the camera / locations. If it’s still happening when you move it, hit Wyze up for a replacement.

@Solardave kind of stole my thunder there lol. I’m thinking its interference or something in the wall itself that’s probably causing this. take it off the wall, and place it on a table or a counter with a towel or washcloth underneath it. with the towel or whatever acting as a vibration dampener if you still have the buzzing I would say it is definitely in the camera itself. if the buzz is gone you know it was because of the location.

if after those circumstances you put it back on the wall and the buzz is there, try a different wall if feasible, you might still be able to have it mounted, just not in that particular location.

I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s a mic or mic pre-amp or a/d conversion circuit problem and the unit needs to be swapped :nerd_face: or a bad wall wart or cable.

Did you ever find cause for buzzing? I am having the same issue. It was fine after install for a few days, but within a week it buzz’s 100% of the time now. Thanks!


Wyze ended up sending me a new camera to replace the broken camera. The sound ended up completely going out.

You should send in a support request here

I would open a support ticket. it appears to be a flaw within a very small number of cameras.

I installed a camera yesterday and I had the same problem with it. Intermittent loud buzzing that lasts about 30 seconds. Exactly like I’ve seen in some other user-provided videos.