Pan cam buzzing

I recently purchased the pan cam through amazon and I have a random issue where a very loud buzzing noise occurs and it stays there until I unplug it. This is startling to my family and our dog. It sounds like a fire alarm device without any pause of sound.

I can’t turn the cam off or connect to it via the app when it happens. Firmware is up to date

Any ideas on how to fix this? At this point I’m considering returning it.


Sounds like one of the motors (or both) are not working as they should. Maybe motion tracking is on, the cam detects movement, and engages the motor to move, but is somehow “stuck”, and hence the buzzing (which probably means the camera needs to be exchanged).

When you power up the camera, does it perform its power on self test and rotate counterclockwise and clockwise, then back to “center”?


Welcome to the Forum @cbel9209. Sorry your use post is about a problem!
I assume that when you unplug/plug the cam it does go thru the full reset process with full rotation, from your description of this as a random occurrence. Is it possible to test the cam with a different source of electrical supply-a different outlet, or to try it on a surge protector? If that fails, I would be in agreement with @myswtest and say return.
You could go thru the Wyze Support Process, but with Amazon you can legitimately return/replace in a couple of days.
Just FYI, I have five pans and have never had this problem.

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Thanks for the help. The camera does go through a full reboot and is otherwise working as I would expect. However, you did say something that triggered a thought regarding the power source. I bought a mount from amazon that came with a longer cord instead of the factory cord. I replaced that with the original so we’ll see if it happens again. If so, I will try changing outlets.

As I finished typing that, it happened again lol. Now I’ll switch outlets

You reminded me of another point-be sure you are using the power source that came with the pan, especially with the longer cord. The Pan has a 2 amp draw to the V2’s 1 amp. Also, some of the extended cords are better than others. If the problem persists, before trying Support I would suggest setting it up with the original cord and power brick. If it continues to occur I think it’s probably time for either Return or Support.

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The buzzing is happening to me also. Everything I used came in the box. I first plugged it into a surge protector then a UPS using the noise cancellation outlet. This was a very difficult setup, unlike other Wyze products I own, so can’t help but think it’s just a bad unit. I contacted customer support asking to have it replaced.

Hello @tomrussellokc and welcome to the community.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues, in this case reaching out to support was probably the best option. Hopefully they are able to help you out.

My camera did the same thing in the middle of the night even though it was off. Made very loud buzzing sound like an alarm clock. Tech support was frustrating because the staff was not trained on camera problems or solutions. Their only advice was try to send a video of the problem or reboot the camera to see if it does it again. They weren’t even sure how to start a warranty replacement. Otherwise this company has been impressive so far.

Is the sound that of a motor (similar to the sounds it makes while starting) or is it kinda like an old school modem sound coming from the speaker? - Because I occasionally get the later, usually right before the Pan Cam reboots itself (all 3 of the ones I have)

Two things. 1. Wyze was awsome and sent me a new camera which I received in less than a week. 2. The buzzing noise it makes is more like the buzzer on the dryer makes, not like the motor noise at all, much louder and obnoxious and not something you can just wait to stop.

I took a video of it buzzing and sent it to Wyze support in reply to their email response to my issue being opened. I love the Wyze products and company and appreciate the support I received on this issue.

I purchased my 2nd Pan Cam WYZECP1 about a couple weeks ago and it sounds like the problem I am experiencing.
Very loud annoying sound. I though the garbage disposal was on… so ran upstairs to find the cam screeching. I unplugged it and it reset and began working again. This is the second time in 4 days this happened. I moved the device to monitor my dog and about freaked him out.

I will put it down stairs with me while I am working and try to get more data like… unresponsive, not connected or something else. Then will reach out to Support. I have one other Cam Pan and it works fantastic.

I have the same problem, with both of my Pan cams. I tried moving them to different outlets, and they’re both using the power supplies and cables that came with the cams.

Also, they’ll reset themselves randomly, going through the “look both ways” startup motions several times over the course of half an hour.

The V2 cams I bought at the same time work fine.

Hello RocketRick. I suggest updating the firmware. But do it manually. So you would need to download the file and add it to your memory card and install it that way. That fixed my issues. I suspect it broke when you unboxed the device, configured it and the PAN CAM did the firmware update over the internet. Maybe the file is corrupted on the WYZE site or the PAN CAM cannot update properly. Either way… the manual download and installation did it for me. There is a knowledge article on how to update your firmware around here somewhere.

Thanks, DavidKP. I’ll give that a try.

This topic actually helped me a lot. I had a small cam and got the larger cam pan (both from Amazon). The cam pan did the same loud buzzing alarm. Scared the daylights out of me. And the same issue with telling me a firmware update needed (but the app shows both cameras are updated). This really helps me (and know it’s not just me). Thank you.

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