Bad audio on Pan

Hi wise users
After the last update,one of my pan cameras just makes buzzing sound.I tried everything and no results.any tips ?
Thank you

Hi @mikesa950. It’s not clear from your post which update you’re referring to, but I’ll make a stab at assisting you. You could try reverting the firmware by flashing it to a prior version to see if that resolves the issue.

In order for the community, and Wyze, to assist you better, please always provide all of the following.

  • Phone/tablet type and OS version on phone/tablet
  • Wyze app version (instructions here)
  • Firmware version installed on Wyze device ( Device settings (gear icon top-right) → Device Info → Installed firmware version)

This is needed because “latest” and “up to date” are subjective to when a post is added to the forum. (It is also important to distinguish whether an issue is actually with a beta version, as opposed to a public release.)

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