Poor video quality from 1 of 2 cameras

I have 2 V2 cams. one in the front and one in the back. The one in the back has a much grainier image with a consistently lower transfer rate from (3-50KB/sec) than the camera in the front (40-150Kb/sec).

The camera in the rear shows as having a stronger WiFi signal (87%) than the front camera (63%). Both cameras are connected to the same WiFi, and the Rear Camera is Physically closer to the router, which explains the stronger WiFi Signal.

Anyone else experience this? Is there a solution?

Here’s a view from the back camera https://photos.app.goo.gl/wtuQv2D46x1FjZ8k8
And from the front camera https://photos.app.goo.gl/4JPDPvKjVLDRWmy96
It’s quite clear to see the difference in quality.

Thank you.

You’re not using any digital zooming on the rear camera are you?

Is the difference apparent in the later evening when the light levels in the rear are lower?

If I’m being honest, I couldn’t tell you which one is poorer quality; they both look normal. That being said, there are a number of factors that play into the visual quality and the back may have more of those factors. The gravel in the back has a texture that often appears to change from frame to frame as light levels change, which causes the video quality to degrade since more perceived changes have to be recorded in the same size video.

Usually the streaming speed listed is just how fast the camera is sending video to your phone and may indicate dropped frames if the rate is low or goes to 0KB/s frequently. To be sure that the network isn’t affecting quality you could compare the actual video clips recorded to the SD card (if you have one in each camera) and see if the quality is reflected there as well.

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Could one cam be set to a lower resolution?

no zoom being used.

I thought that at first too, with the gravel. But I’ve noticed that even when people appear on camera, the front camera is clearer. Both have identical micro SD cards, and I don’t see the network being an issue since both are on the same network. I can switch back and forth and consistently the rear cam is blurrier.

I will have to pull the SD card to look, which is a pain since they’re mounted outside at a height I need a ladder to get at it.

The one thing I thought was that perhaps the camera isn’t getting enough power due to a longer cord. Could that be an issue.?

Could it be glare? One of my Wyze V2 cameras has consistently hazy image.

I finally traced it to bad lighting; there are a couple bright light sources within view, one of them being another Wyze cam’s IR light.

Weird, but the only way I can make it slightly better, is to turn on/off the affected cam’s IR light and see if that makes the image better.

I’d try switching the two cameras. The better image is from a camera which is pointed down, thus reducing glare somewhat.

Might just be a bad camera, how does the motion tagging look? Does the green box get all distorted? If it does, it’s likely the cam. I have one like this that I just set to SD for a better bitrate.

Good suggestion. I’ll try playing with the angle to reduce glare.