Image quality poor from V2 camera, maybe overcompressed.

Here are some screen shots of me holding up a newspaper in front of two of my cameras. The driveway picture is much clearer. These are screen caps from the video, not snapshots in the app.

When I share a video that I recorded off the playback stream, and I look at the properties through Windows explorer, I see bitrates fro the 250s up to over 1000. I have all my cameras set to HD.

I’m thinking that all of the detail in the trees is overwhelming the compression algorithm.

The one with the lawn in it is a V2 camera. The one of the driveway is V1. I’m not saying V2 is worse than V1. If I take the same picture with both cameras, the V2 is clearer.

There are more compression artifacts in the v2 cameras than v1. I think that is hard to deny.

I just got my second camera which is V2 and I have to admit the image quality on the 2nd one is horrible compared to the first one. Everything is blurry and colours are off. It almost looks like its stuck in SD mode.


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