V1 vs V2 comparisons

This is amazing!!! Need to get some V2’s.


WOW the night vision is also so much better…


It is funny that even the Date/Time stamp is sharper on the V2.

I disagree. I think my V1 camera took a much better picture than my V2 camera. The V2 image lacks contrast and detail. An excellent example of this is my garage door. The V2 just shows a solid white door without the accents. V1 fw and V2 fw V1 file size is 2.1 MB vs 1.7 MB on the V2.


Edit: I’m not sure why but the forum cropped my images. I attached the raw 2.1MP 1920 × 1080 .png images. It says “Maximum file size allowed is 20000 KB.” and I’m under that.


I’m going to try again with the images converted to jpg.


So I think I need to “insert image” vs attaching them. Round three…



Set up two V2 cams and are very disappointed at the video quality, lack of contrast and details. The videos look like out of focus. I had opened a ticket. Hope the problem can be improved by firmware upgrade in next 1 or 2 weeks. Too bad I have ordered many V2 cameras and I will lose a lot of shipping cost in returning the unopened ones. The bottom 2 pictures are taken by 2 V1 cameras and the top picture by 1 V2 camera. Though at different angles, we can tell the difference in details, colors, contrast … Too bad :frowning: since I am very happy with my 2 V1 cams.

I am also noticing differences in the motion detection threshold. Both of my cameras have the exact the same settings. Both are set to low sensitivity and the V1 camera has recorded five events today and the V2 none.

I just got my V2, set it up and the colors are ok. Mine has a fisheye kind of look. Any straight line not directly in front of the camera is curved. There’s a slight curve in the V1 but not nearly as pronounced as the V2. When I get some time I’ll save off a picture comparing both and upload to show what I’m talking about. Is anyone else seeing anything similar with their V2?

I did color the front of my V2’s with a black sharpie. These are used indoors looking out thru the window. It really cuts down on the reflection against the glass.

Just upgraded to firmware for 2 V2 cams. Looks like video colors improve :slight_smile: At least looks more real life.

Hello Bob, how did coloring it with a sharpie turn out? Does it rub off? Would you mind posting a picture of it. I am thinking about spray painting mine

That’s encouraging Peter, thanks for sharing

Just did an experiment. Put V1 and V2 at the same location.

We can see V2 is out of focus except for very close distance while V1 showing much sharper picture for the same area.

I am not sure how this focus issue can be fixed by firmware update ?

I have ordered 13 V2 cams. Received 10 and opened 2.

Really hope Wyze lab can fix the problem !!

Assuming the V2 is the bottom photos on most of these, it seems very washed out compared to the V1. Not as much color, not as much contrast, not as good of a picture overall.

I much prefer the effects because they create a much better night time picture. Most crime happens at night, and then is when it will be appreciated.

Time stamp of V2 is very sharp. Time stamp of V1 is made up of dots and dashes.

V2 focus range in daylight is about 5 to 10 feet, I think. Out of this range, things are very fussy.

I like my 2 V1 cams so much that is why I ordered 13 V2, in 3 different orders.

I am very frustrated V2 is worse than V1.

Color has improved after latest update but clarity is a major issue for me since I view the cameras mostly in daylight.

I bought a couple of wyze cams and liked them so much I gave them to my grandparents. I then ordered 15 v2’s for my home and other family members. I was so pleased with my cam’s that I didn’t mind the 6 week delay in shipping so quality control could be worked out. I’m very disappointed with the final product, the picture on my original cam had way better contrast and detail. I hope this can be fixed with a firm update.


Yes, that was my second thing I noticed after the washed out lighter appearance compared to the V1, was the fisheye type edge distortion. My wife’s head looked really funny due to her being on the periphery as I tested the cam right after unboxing.

Field of view is not wider, the V2 is now on the same mounting pad that the V1 had previously lived and the FOV is the same.

In the post directly above yours, the color of the water hose from V2 is green, whereas, the color from V1 appears to be brown.