V2 Review

I had the opportunity to review the V2 early…
This new V2 matte finish is on point! It looks so much better on my mantle than the reflective of the V1.
The NEW motion tagging of the V2 is exceptional. It allows me to see what trigger the motion alarms instead of guessing.
Audio updated! I used a V1 as a baby monitor but the sound didn’t always pick up. My V2 audio playback and pick up ar both significantly better than the V1. Upgraded CMOS increase the quality of the images! The image quality is improved over the V1 with the night mode clearer as well as the crispness and color of the daytime image.
The swivel of the V2 is improved over the V1 as well. It no longer “slumps over” with time as a few of my V1’s have in the past.

I have a 32gb class 10 SD installed. Recording all the time in HD and I am able to record a little over 3 days non stop.
Looking for a cost-effective way to keep an eye on your house? This is IT!!! I mean come on… how can you beat $20 for a WiFi connected camera with FREE cloud storage? It’s like $20 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, this is a STEAL! With Motion, Sound, CO and Smoke alerts I’d like to see someone else beat this product!
Have questions about the new V2? Ask away! I’ll respond as quickly as possible!

Is the physical size the same?

Can you please share what these two bullets really mean? They are some of the reasons I might consider upgrading/adding additional cameras to the system and putting the v1 in another location. Thanks. (answers from all welcome.)

  • The powerful new CMOS sensor provides even clearer images for both day and night vision.
  • Class-K audio power amplifier and a new audio chip that significantly reduces TDD interference and EMI.

Yes, the external hardware or case is the same, the only noticeable difference on the outside is the matte finish.


The CMOS is the chip in the camera that processes the image or captures the image. It makes the image higher quality and clearer.


The Class-K audio is an update from V1. The microphone and speaker are both crisper and cleaner on the V2.

Also, what firmware # is the cam using?

A bigger/better CMOS sensor is basically the part that sees everything, and converts each pixel. So, the better quality this is, the more clearer a image can be.

While megapixels no longer tell the story of cameras, they are still used to explain things. “A better CMOS” means it is better in some specific manner than the previous option. Is there a measurable difference? Is there a newer chipset?

What is TDD and EMI in the audio? What does v2 capture that v1 garbled in audio? Distance from mic improved? Less crackling? Higher/Lower range? Other?