Image quality questions

Trying to see if i potentially received bum cameras. I’m using a wyze cam V2. I’m also grabbing the images i post from a screen shot through Tiny Cam Pro stream via webserver on desk top.

The first cam i got and setup, this was the corresponding image quality in HD:

I ordered a replacement, and this was the results. Better but still seems poor:

Indoors it seems to be better. For reference, my truck is about 10-15ft from the camera. Is this about what i should expect or is there another issue? Camera is about 20-25ft through a 1 wall to the router. Would flashing with RTSP possibly give better results? Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.

Also wanted to note, that the first came i used, playback of events etc was always in like 2x speed. On the replacement, its normal but will have moments of increased speed.

Hello. @trg1234 The Wyze Cam v2 is an indoor camera, and I doubt you will get much better results flashing rhe camera. I have my cameras installed outside too, and the results are about the same as yours.

Thanks for the input. Ive seen a lot of reviews showing outdoor picture quality much better so i was hoping maybe i just received bad cams :frowning:

You’re not going to get as good of an image With tiny Cam As you will with the wyze app