[POLL] Stability and Innovation: The Proper Balance

Technology companies balance STABILITY and INNOVATION in the products and services they sell and support. Given that,

I think Wyze should emphasize Stability OVER Innovation:

  • 60/40
  • 70/30
  • 80/20
  • 90/10

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Results as of March 2022

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Oddly, an actual vote in the poll has no effect in this respect. :man_shrugging:

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Well, a full two years and still a pertinent question, I think.

Born out of this exchange:

Keep in mind, at that time Wyze had far fewer products (in public & early-access release.) If someone knows the exact number and what they were, chime in.

Now they have many many. Many. A lot.

So… they chose a path, not meekly, but balls-out.

And here we are. :tornado: :star_struck:


Clearly, something went horribly wrong somewhere.

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Other than image you mean? :slight_smile:

Do you accept the rationale that they have been scrambling to stay alive?

Wyze’ 9/2021 post:

Some forum folk react:

If they’ve been struggling to stay alive it’s only because they can’t seem to make products that work correctly. Right now they have a giant mess with notifications, AI event tagging, CamPlus etc… are broken for several people, and that’s only the ones who have posted on this forum. I’m sure there are a bunch more that it’s happening to. It has been happening for well over one month with Wyze claiming several times “it’s fixed” when it hasn’t been fixed at all.

I was going to buy a Doorbell and couple of smart plugs but decided against it because why would I want to buy even more broken products from a company that can’t even make their main product (cameras) work properly?

If they’re struggling, this is why. Instead of trying to create a million products that don’t work, why not just focus on getting their primary product line to work?

Seriously, the broken notifications, AI, CamPlus right after I subscribed to it, going on over a month now without a solution has stopped me from buying more products I was going to buy from them. Whether they hear it directly from the customers or not, their crappy products are losing them customers and sales.


And the beat goes on…