Polarized lens filter Add-on

Since my Pan Cam is placed behind a window, I notice an issue with reflection. At night, the IR light source reflects off the glass pane and creates a white region when the camera is facing straight in front and during sunset (my camera is facing west) the white body reflects a lot of light and there is a substantial reflection in the video feed. I have read elsewhere that an inexpensive polarized filter can solve this issue. Can Wyze create an add-on polarized filter attachment to the camera?

source : https://www.amazon.ca/AmazonBasics-Circular-Polarizer-Lens-52/dp/B00XNMXNV0

I have one of these for my cell phone and it works well to remove reflections. You would have to adapt it to work on a larger device.

That’s a neutral density filter. That is completely the wrong way to deal with reflections. Neutral density is a neutral (doesn’t change color) filter that reduces light transmission. For instance, you could use a 50% ND to reduce ALL incoming light by 50%. You may notice the shadows dim, but EVERYTHING dims.
Polarizing filters should be used to remove reflections. I’m looking to do the same thing, and my first attempt will likely be a circular polarizer for a camera. (Like this one)

I have the same or similar problem. However I tend to think in my case the light is so bright where I’m looking that it creates a glow around the light and I can’t see things the left or right of the glow. What type of lens or sheet did you finally try and did it work. I’m trying to send a snapshot of what I get I have to do it separately in a message