Plus membership is no longer recognized on app

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone has dealt with this or can offer advice. I noticed the app was only storing 12 second clips again for some reason, and then found that it no longer reflects plus membership for some reason. I spoke with my husband, and his still shows the plus membership. I’ve done everything I can think of. The help section of the app said to go to “subscriptions” under account settings to find the status of membership, but my app doesn’t even have a subscriptions tab. I’m on a galaxy s20 if that matters.

Any advice?

The Subscriptions tab is found via Home Screen/Account/Services.
Are you sharing the cams with your husband or logging in on his account? If you are sharing the cams with two accounts the subscription data would be with the account, not the device.

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Thanks for your help! However, the subscription is not showing on my app under the services section.

I’m so confused about the membership being tied to account and not camera. After my husband signed up for plus, it was available on both of our accounts up until recently.

I also just realized after posting my original question that it only seems to record 12 second clips during certain parts of the day. I have tons of longer clips that recorded early morning, evening, and middle of the night (I have several from just this morning). Yet middle of the day I seem to lose plus membership. I know it doesn’t make sense, but it’s not the first issue I’ve had with the app, so I guess I’m not totally surprised.

So it’s two separate accounts with camera shared.

Dumb question - is it possible those 12 second clips didn’t have any motion to bother tracking after the first few seconds?

Unfortunately, no. My teenage step son is home all day doing his distance learning in front of the camera. Plus dogs and a cat moving around at all hours as well.

Wanted to add, up until recently, the camera was recording 5 minute clips of the motion from the television. Now it’s just 12 seconds every 5 minutes of actual people moving around.