Purchased cam plus and it’s not showing up. Even service doesn’t know why

So I’m trying to justify leaving ring for Wyze and took advantage of the Black Friday deal with cam plus and a v3 today. Order went through fine and I can see it on the website under my account. Ordered the v3 fine with only having to pay shipping.

Cam plus however will not show up under services in the app. Called service and spent a half hour on the phone with them and they don’t know why it won’t show up. They said they would escalate it and to just keep checking.

Not a great start so far. If anyone has any ideas besides deleting the app and downloading it again I am all ears.

Ive had a similar issue where I ordered the Black Friday special to get a free V3 cam. I paid for my Cam plus subscription but never got an email with the coupon code. I can see the Cam plus subscription on my account, They emailed me a 3.75 credit right after I purchased but no code for the free cam. How soon did you get your Cam code for the free camera, once you placed your order?

The code came through a few minutes later. I’d call service. Hopefully they can get you the code.

Did your cam plus actually start? Can you assign it to a camera?

I can’t find a number to call anywhere on the site. What number did you call? My Cam plus shows on my account, however If I go to edit it, it tells me it cannot be edited. I do remember reading where it may take up to a week for it to fully show on the account.

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Thank you for that number! Just as I got ready to call I noticed the email came in. Amazon S3 servers are still having issues today so I just wonder if it was delayed do to internet issues at S3. I did get my code and ordered my Camera! Thank you. As for the Cam plus it does say it may take a week for it to fully show on the account.