Plugged in all the time?

I haven’t figured that out yet either, seems like sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.
What about this @Loki If you noticed this ?

If you don’t see the replied-to button opposite your name, it means you have replied to the post immediately above. If you click the replied-to button, the post that was replied to will pop up immediately above. If click the up arrow in that popup, it will take you to the original post in context.

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That’s good to know. It removes the distinction that the reply was to a selected post and not the thread itself. But, as HDRock did, we can include the replied to quote. I thought. It even removed the quote I went out of my way to include.

Yes, I’ve seen that too where the system removes the quote if you are quoting the whole post immediately above that you are replying to. If you really want it in there, you can re-add it manually, or try not to quote the entire post to which you are replying.


lol any more you could contribute? you’ve got a good run here. nice bit

Yes, that’s how electricity works.

That is the case with any indoor or outdoor camera system. If the camera is removed or damaged, all security stops functioning. Keeping the cameras inside the window or an enclosure outside high enough to be out of reach is essential. All of our Wyze Cams are inside the windows securely looking outside. Tape the cords the cats may enjoy playing with them if you don’t. That is our greatest security risk here. Cameras are simply a deterrent not a do all, be all security device, unless you plan to monitor them 24/7/365. As Boston says… “All I want is to have my peace of mind.”

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After 1,5 hours of no WiFi connection the camera automatically stops recording even to local storage µSD card.

Good catch. I had meant to go back and clarify my remark, and it slipped through the cracks.

I thought so too, but in the auto when we drive away after 1,5 hours it stops recording, when we return in range of the WiFi it automatically starts recording again. I think they are working on a solution to this problem. I put in a support ticket let me put it that way. When they will get to it who knows.

That is partially correct.
But it stops recording after 1,5 hours on every camera we have tested so far.

The camera stops recording that is the portion that is not correct no matter who or where it comes from. Try it yourself, you’ll find the same results I am certain. 1,5 hours, stops recording to µSD card, resumes when you return to WiFi range again automatically. Drive to work and leave the cam powered and recording in your auto without WiFi connection.

We love our Wyze Cams. But we are trying to use a portable router in the auto to remedy it until Wyze gets to the fix. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Wyze is doing well for the small team they presently have on staff. Not so much a complaint as it is an observation to share with you. We believe in being self sufficient to as great a degree as possible. That’s the reason for the work around at this point. I am sure Wyze will get to the repair on this quickly. It’s important as you’ve stated to have the docs match the product. At this point all we can do is make them aware and then wait patiently

This has my curiosity up, so I’m going to run my own experiment.

I have set up a spare V2 to my guest wifi network. Tested that it’s connecting and recording to SD card as of 17:19 EST. Then I disabled my guest network SSID. Tested that I can no longer connect to the camera (which is still powered). I’ll check it in the morning and see how much video has been recorded to the card.

No it is continuously powered by a large jump box with USB ports. It will run on that for weeks before it requires a charge. Runs all night in the parking space, on the WiFI it is fine all night. Leave to work it stops after 1,5 hours. It is fun to work with these new tech devices, I find it a real challenge. No complaints here Wyze is doing a great job. I know they are doing all that is humanly possible for so many questions and errors. It’s a very big job. I try to be very patient with this sort of thing.

I also think we’re drifting way off topic on this thread!

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Experiment results: I got zero offline recording. The only recordings on the card are from the few minutes around 17:19 last night and this morning after I restored the guest wifi. Sending it in.

Thank you for testing that @Loki and sending it in to Wyze. Yes the camera recording shuts off on ours after 1,5 hours in the auto. It records all the way while traveling to work and then remains in record mode for about an hour after that in the parking lot, then there is a large white gap until the vehicle returns into range of our WiFi connection back at our building in the evening.

We tested it more than once to be absolutely certain, and used different cameras as well in order to make sure it was not an isolated camera with the recording off WiFi flaw. Loki has sent in to Wyze and I have every confidence they will address it quickly and solve the problem. I am glad we were able to help you with your own security, that is what this user assistance program is all about. We have received a lot of great info here and I am sure it will continue. You’re welcome and it was nice chatting with you.

This seems to be a bug in our firmware. We are supposed to keep recording even we can’t connect to the router. We will find repro locally and fix it in the future.

Thanks for reporting!


Agreed. Just purchased several Wyze Cameras. The marketing photos are misleading not using a power source. Most of the main ones do not use them and then matched with statements like “put them anywhere” are misleading. After going back through everything I can see some that have a cord, but the main ones do not.

As far as a forum for a community, the snarky comments about that is how electricity works etc are not helpful in selling product or promoting a good community. There are many products in the world that are battery operated.